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Totem Animals

April 8, 2010

Do you know about these? It is ancient indigenous wisdom that each of us have certain animals which we are more akin to, and whose powers we can draw upon any time for strength and support when we ask for it. We most often learn which are our totem animals through visitations and dreams. Even when we have had strong experiences with them over the years, in our busy lives it is far too easy to forget about the great things that their spirits want to offer to us and how much they can help us.

Today I had a telephone session with a friend who had had a dream about an animal. As we discussed the dream, we realized more about the message the animal was bringing and the powers it was transmitting to her. As we talked about this, she suddenly had a vision of a totem animal of mine and told me what she saw. I had never mentioned this to her before, but she was spot on. The animal she mentioned has visited me in dreams and shamanic journeys for decades. The gift of the session with her was not only to stimulate her awareness of what her dream animal is offering to her now, but to give the gift right back to me. I feel surrounded by the spirit of my own totem spirit, and amazed that I could be so remiss in remembering how available it is to me, and it’s power to offer me very real strength and courage.

In healing work, the healer is always healed. This is an unassailable principle. I’m thrilled with this experience of  today.