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October 8, 2010

Just walked down the road to my mailbox at 2:00 a.m. Stars! A clear, crisp night of stars like you will never see anywhere near an urban environment. Stars are the most stabilizing forces we have in this wild world of change. I remember as a child looking out the window at them, almost like a baby sucking on her mother’s breast – unquestioned trust and satisfaction. That is the nature of the stability and comfort I have always felt seeing stars. It has been so all of my life. Countless times as a young woman confused by the responsibilities of career, motherhood and marriage I would sit on a rock outside my house and look at the stars. I could see into the truth of my soul in an instant, and all seemed good. Just a few minutes was all it ever has taken. A walk to the mailbox. It is better than a chiropractic adjustment or shamanic healing. Stars.