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Returning Hero

April 21, 2010

Coco Pelli

Here is a picture of Coco (middle name Pelli) taken today, April 21, 2010, the day after his return from Walkabout – new wisdom and maturity already beginning to gleam forth, don’t you think? His 13th birthday is in two days, that’s 91 years old in dog years. His two days and two nights lost in the woods might figure to about 3 months in dog time. It sure felt like 3 months to his Mama.

I grieved his death then got him back. This is certainly a rite of spring and of what we celebrate at Easter – resurrection. Kokopelli in the Hopi world is considered a god of fertility among other things, his flute playing calling forth the leaves and plants from their underground graves.

I do believe that Nature orchestrated this experience right before Coco’s birthday, and right before mine, for a reason. We both know something now that we didn’t before, though I can’t tell you what any more clearly than Coco can. It is a celebration of birth and new life, of death and renewal of life, of love for each other and of life itself, and of hope through the dark nights in life. Just as I am typing now those little eyes in the picture of him are penetrating me with information from some mysterious world. So many tricks up God’s sleeves. What will be next?