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Restoring Sanity

October 31, 2010

I have enjoyed the coverage this weekend of Jon Stewart and the Daily Show’s efforts to restore sanity at their huge rally this weekend on the Washington Mall. We hear in the media about the radical voices, often ridiculously expressed, coming from the left and the right. The media magnetizes to the absurd and sensational, but not so much the reasonable people who are not trying to force their opinions upon others, not holding up banners so that you will “believe”, not polarized to the point of deafness to other views, just reasonable people making rational choices as best they can. Those are the invisible majority that also need a voice. These comedians, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert offered that to them this day. My spirit has been refreshed and delighted in what came from this.

Then tonight I heard a radio broadcast from BBS radio interviewing Chris Moors, a friend, who spoke of the simple values of getting back into nature and listening to dreams, and did so with a humor and equilibrium that livingly expressed the values he espoused.

I feel renewed hope and spirit. God bless the middle path.


August 3, 2010

Another antidote for bouts with hellish states of mind – The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I DVR it and watch the next day over lunch or while cooking dinner. I just literally choked on lunch and belly laughed all the way through his coverage of Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, interviews in Rhinebeck, NY, and his clips from the other channel’s, especially Fox’s, coverage of the event. Ah. So healing. Love this guy.