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Hannah, the Moon and the Deer

October 24, 2010

I got to play with my 3-year-old neighbor Hannah today. She’s getting a reputation now – a friend at the recent conference from which I just returned spoke of Hannah with respect and appreciation after reading of her on my blog. I love that she’s touching the wider world from her little home on Max Patch Road in such a way.

Today Hannah told me, and her family members affirmed, that she has a good friend named Danny who lives on the moon. They talk on the telephone. I asked her what they talk about and she says that he goes out and gets her deer meat and brings it back to her so she can eat it.

Hannah is very convinced of her friend Danny, and I believe her. I believe we do have spirit friends, that children are closer to them, and that the telephone is an excellent image for how we talk with them. I have done extensive work and study with some shamans of the Huichol tradition. To the Huichol the deer is the highest symbol of the divine, it is sacred. I have a deer skull and antlers hanging in my home which was gifted to me by one of these shamans, and I cherish it.

If Danny is going off to get deer meat for Hannah to eat, I am enthused beyond belief. I hope to meet him somehow maybe, but in any case I honor and thank him for being so good to my friend.