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I Feel a Ritual Coming On

January 15, 2011

The new year has gotten off to a shaky start for me. The Full Moon is next Wednesay, the 19th. I will start a 40-day ritual that day which I am designing now. Career activating, butt kicking, hello world, here comes the sun, break through the dross, smile the bright smile, give the root some water, tell it to the trees, peek around the corner, smash it in the middle, shoot from the heart kind of ritual. The ideas are gestating.

And not until I began writing the above did I realize that today is January 15th, the day in 2010 that I began writing my blog every day. It was a New Moon and eclipse day, as I recall. Strange how I felt a ritual coming on even without having connected that yet. Ritual does have autonomous life and intelligence, the universe is made of it. Catching the train is a wild and wonderful ride.