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Sound and Chant

November 8, 2010

I have had the rare opportunity recently of hearing two different friends sing devotional chants that they have written themselves. Lindsay Wilson ( writes them as she takes walks or meditates or does chores, and will sing one for you a capella any time you ask. She’s completely joyful and generous about it. They are exquisite chants of love for earth, plants, spirits, whatever she is musing upon; with a quality of sound coming through that will change your vibration in an instant. I want to learn her songs and sing them over and over.

Chris Moors ( has written literally hundreds of songs, a number of which are chants of devotion and meditation. As I listened to him sing them, there was a feeling of transport into inner realms – to the real, the sweet, the strong, powerful and good. The tones of voice are healing in themselves.

One of my deepest impressions from time spent in Africa has been the way the people I met there sing constantly. They burst into song at the mention of any word or thought that reminds them of one, and everyone joins in. In the midst of unimaginable poverty I was witnessing among them, these spontaneous outbursts that put smiles on everyone’s faces and united hearts instantly floored me, and helped me to understand the spirit that brings them up and through.

There is sound locked inside of those of us who don’t sing regularly. As humans, I believe our voices were meant to be used for regular singing, and our bodies for regular dancing. Just talking, walking and running – these are not fluid enough, not expressive of the multi-layered beings that we are. I advocate for song, regular singing. And dance, fluid bodily expression, however and whenever we can. These are big parts of what makes us human, and are too little utilized in Western cultural expression.

Thanks to Lindsay and Chris for so moving and inspiring me. I feel changed by the soulful sounds of their generous hearts.