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Dream of Danu

March 9, 2011

Several days ago I dreamed that a Celtic Goddess and I were trying to get in synch with each other. There wasn’t a sense that she called to me, or that I called to her, it was the two of us working out this way of getting into connection. Something about a gold ring was involved in making the connection. The next day, still in the dream, I received an e-mail from a special woman who had taken careful time to show me how to design and make this gold ring. I knew it was to be for my right hand, the ring finger.

I spoke with a friend about the dream and he immediately jumped onto google and searched out Celtic Goddesses to see if we might figure out which one the dream was about. We looked at Rosemerta and thought about her, but then he found Danu. On the google images page I saw the exact ring from my dream – it is called a Danu Celtic wedding ring. Seeing that identified her for me.

Since the dream astonishing things have sprung into my life. Seemingly out of the blue, I now have an office space in a gorgeous, newly renovated old home in Weaverville, just outside of Asheville, and a bedroom in that same building that I can use when I need to stay in town. This is something I have been wishing to have for years. I’m starting a new aspect of my business with my nutritionist friend, Maureen McDonnell, who will share the office with me.

In the glow of having found this spot so suddenly and unexpectedly, without even looking, Maureen and I mused over lunch about what to call our work together and our office. I mentioned Danu thinking it was far-fetched, but Maureen immediately exclaimed “I love that name!” We decided it is an acronym for Depth Psychology and Nutrition United, which is exactly what we will be doing – working on health for the body and psyche together, each of us having expertise in one of those areas.

Danu is surely a manifestor!  I had the dream – whoosh she was identified, whoosh I have an office, and several other things have been happening, in less than a week.

She is an ancient Irish goddess, one of the oldest known, pre-dating the Celts. She is spoken of in the Vedas and in old Hindu art and mythology. I could go on and on about what I read about her that resonates with me. Goddess of the primordial waters of creation, out of these waters all creation birthed so she is the prime mover and principle of birth and beginnings, generation and fertility. She encompasses both light and dark. Since so little is known of her, yet so many references are made to her, she is both famous and obscure – which gives her a reputation as a goddess of the unknown and the known. This speaks to me of the conscious and the unconscious, foundational concerns of Jungian psychology.

One of my favorite stories about her is that she is known as the mother of the fairies. Since very young I have been fascinated with fairies and have collected books on them. The legend goes that when the Christians came to overcome the old ways, the worshippers of Danu fled to the hollow hills of Ireland to hide. There they became immortal, becoming the fairy folk. Danu is the goddess of the fairy ways. One source writes that “Danu is the power that is in the land, never to be overcome  by mortals. And her power is in the imagination of those who see magic in the twilight mist between the worlds.”

I did a ritual today at the edge of the river, where they say Danu is found, and made offerings to her. I gave her a rock from every country in the world that I have brought rocks home from, treasures from my heart to hers. I am so thrilled that this connection is happening. What magic.