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Continuing Incarnation

June 15, 2011

I wonder if humans are the only species on earth that resist incarnation, and sometimes only barely inhabit the bodies we are given. A lot of shamanic work is committed to bringing split off parts of the spirit back into the “house”, the body. Traumas, perceived traumas, resistances to the complexity or demands of living life fully can cause portions of our spirits to split off and live in other realms, disassociated, leaving our bodies and brains depleted for lack of their energy and vitality.

I have had some genius body work help recently with a doctor of Chinese medicine. Soon after beginning that, a back injury led me to a chiropractor who found that nerves leading from my spine to various organs are pinched off. Today I met with a massage therapist who is helping to re-inform my musculature to allow for the changes these body workers are assisting me with. Synchronistically some big helps have been given recently to understand my mind and adjustments needed there to allow it to function more holistically. Mind/boy/spirit are all one big system. In seemingly random, but obviously not random events, these helps have flooded into my life from various tributaries.

I feel gates opening for big portions of spirit to come back into my body. However the body can be a creature of habit; mine has not been available for so much life for awhile. The early traumatic death of a friend, and other later experiences led me to split off parts of spirit from earthly life, wanting to keep them safe in other realms. Now as these want to come home, I hear those habituated feelings say “NO, stay protected OUT THERE. It isn’t safe in here. ”

Making this conscious is a good thing. I can work with it, and I’m excited. It’s just faulty wiring.

I want my spirit to live in my body as fully as a hawk’s spirit inhabits his, as fully as a lion, a cat, a dog, a jaguar, a plant live in theirs. These beings teach us how to be. My student life continues. Incarnation proceeds.