A Reading for the New Year

Dear friends,

I would like to offer you an idea as you begin your 2016 endeavors. Most of you are familiar with my deep interest in and study of the Tarot as a tool for self-reflection and revealer of very useful insight. People on every continent and in every culture, from ancient times to the present, have devised ways to bring in practical information from the matrix of life and the helping spirits that sheds light on issues and questions in daily life. The Irish use tea leaves, the Celts use the Runes, the Orient developed the I-Ching, Native Americans cast sticks and stones reading the patterns into which they fall, Africans use cowry shells, and for the Western psyche the Tarot became a prominent method. Such things don’t cover the globe and stick around for thousands of years if they don’t work.

For nearly three decades I have used these symbols personally and have read them for others. I find the information that arrives has been unfailing in offering insight, encouragement and guidance. The information seems to come from the same realm as dreams do. A reading is like looking into a mirror of the soul; it helps you see that which can be very difficult to see without that mirror.

Countless times persons have told me that information they received through a reading I had done for them has been increasingly useful and never forgotten even many years later, a consistent source of wisdom and guidance. For myself, I cannot overstate how healing and sometimes even salvational, especially through very challenging times, the readings have dependably been. Physicist David Bohm remarks that “Insight is an active substance that re-creates the brain.” These insights have shifted perception and thinking in a healing direction continuously. The meanings work with, strengthen and validate your own intuition.

Maybe you would like to have a reading as you launch yourself into the New Year. Whether you have a specific issue to address or just want to say “What might be helpful for me to know now about myself and the coming year?” we can take a look together at what the symbols will offer. If you have never had such an experience and you are open, I might suggest you give it a try. And for more seasoned investigators, I would love to help you.

Call, write or text me to set up an appointment if the idea appeals to you. 828-329-0853. And keep this idea in mind through the year as things arise. If you have a significant or fascinating dream, working the dream along with a reading will amplify insight inevitably.

My fee is $90 an hour. I can slide the scale when that is a need.

I send you love and many blessings for 2016 and beyond,

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2 Responses to “A Reading for the New Year”

  1. catmurrayart Says:

    Hi Tayria,

    I know it is short notice, but I am wondering if you have any appts. available this coming Friday? (Jan. 15)… preferably early afternoon… and if not, no worries, just trying to combine some Asheville appts….. maybe the following Friday if not? I can move the other stuff to the following week, no prob.!

    Hope all is well,


    Catherine M.

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