Buddha’s Desk

What would Buddha’s desk look like? Would it look like mine? Oh my god, would Buddha know how to think about all of these things at once? This scattered, fractured, cacophony of tasks is all one thing. Illusion suggests that it is just too many and too much. Breathe, Buddha, breathe.

“Over Nothingness the universe bends,” says Rilke. “Ah, the ball we dared to throw fills the hands differently on its return: it brings back the reality of its journey.”

Each of these scattered notes and papers represent a ball I have thrown that has come back. Fill my hands differently now, please. Bring back the reality of the journey. I want this to be one real thing.

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One Response to “Buddha’s Desk”

  1. Gerry Stribling Says:

    The Buddha’s desk is pretty cluttered, and he has a thousand things going on at all times, but he is content to focus his mindfulness on one thing at a time. Is it better to do two things poorly or one thing well? Multitasking is impossible. You may be adept at switching your thoughts easily back and forth, but you can’t think of two things at the same time. It’s the premise on which meditation is built.

    Gerry Stribling

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