The Real in real estate

I just got back inside after sitting on my porch during a lightning storm, then watching the stars come out. I went from rain beating across my lap, to the quiet of stars burning through night sky.

I am in the earliest stages of figuring out how to list my mountain property for sale. To put a house on the market, Real Estate brokers of course need pictures. And we will have to find appropriate numbers.

Suddenly I have to look at my house as a commodity. I have never thought of my home on this mountain as a house, ever, only as a way of life.

To send pictures for a Real Estate folder I have to decide, would people rather see photos of bathroom fixtures or of the apples on the apple tree in June? Would they rather see the frame of the front porch, or frost covering the majestic trees in February? Will the blueprint of the house help you to understand that from here you have front row seats to watch magnificent lightning storms over the mountains, as well as access to sounds of wind and rain breaking through the austerity of silence that can only be encountered on raw pieces of land like this?

What is real in real estate? I honor the people who work in this field and help others find their way through it. I feel like a novice, though I am not.


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