I had a dream last night about ghosts and truly wish I could remember the specifics of it. As I awakened, though, it was crystal clear to me that any energy system that was there, incarnated, and now it isn’t leaves an energetic pattern, that which we call a ghost. If there was a friendship and now there isn’t, the ghost of that friendship still exists. If you were in love and now you’re not, the ghost of that love has energetic properties and dimension, and affects you. If there was a person and that person crosses over, the ghost of the individual remains. Ghosts are autonomous systems, patterns of energy, that continue to have “matter” and matter to us no less than they did when they were detectable to our physical senses. The truth about ghosts was vivid to me upon awakening.

I remember once standing on the ground where new buildings had just been completed, having known the territory well before the construction. Standing there I began to see clearly the ghosts of what had been there before, the physics of it all was still patterned right in front of me, my eyes saw it clearly (though the seeing must have been with what they call the Third Eye). The former buildings and trees, even the life and values that had been lived there, all were still there, exactly as before, but in another dimension. The ghost was clear in my vision just then, interwoven with the new structures and basically unaffected by them. I remember realizing while still standing there that the ghost of all former civilizations on earth still live right where we are living, moving and having our being. It’s all here with us.

Just about a month ago I had a dream in which I was suddenly developing skills for communicating with the dead; they were coming upon me of their own accord without my conscious intention to create them. I remember in that dream the “whoosh” of connection, that it scared me somewhat only because it was so powerful. I was learning how to tolerate the intensity.

Dreams are teachers. From these dreams and visions I am instructed in a way that mind and theory could never so well impart, that nothing created ever really dies, it just moves to other dimensions still in tact. There is no such thing as “dead and gone.” Nothing is ever dead, or gone. Awareness of this could change everything.

How do we interact with ghosts? An intelligent answer to this question is being begged by my dream. Ancestors and ancient worlds, as well as the forms of yesterday, still live with us. Better to recognize that than not.

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