Africa, a Dream and a Ritual

I awakened with a strong dream this morning. The ten of us who traveled to Africa on this trip were standing together next to a wall being guided by a shaman or medicine man. Lined up against the wall, squatting, were versions of ourselves that are pre-historic – they looked like the drawings we see of humans in pre-history. There was a Tayria, a Carter, a David, a Tony, an Emily, a Zoe, a Jenny, a Liz, a Heather, an Alexa – very specific, a living piece of our own unique self. Each of us were shown how to stand in front of our other self and then squat down into it, merging with it, which we did. Then we stood up, and the part was integrated, ready to walk in us. The medicine man gave us each beads to wear that would help the integration to set, like waiting for glue to dry.

Wow. Soul-retrieval. A piece of our most primordial self recovered. What will this blessing and healing bring?

My thought is to pass this on as an image for your own ritual. I believe it is meant to be shared and that anyone can do it if they feel moved to do so. Create the space, call in your guides, make an intention, visualize this action and do it physically, invest some beads with the power of your prayerful intention and wear them for a few days.

Modernization has served too often to cut us off from our roots, causing us to forget who we really are and how we are meant to live on this planet. Such a ritual might help the root juices begin to flow again, and bring more wholeness to our being.

3 Responses to “Africa, a Dream and a Ritual”

  1. Katherine Parker Says:

    What a neat dream. I will incorporate this into some visualizations am having. Your Africa trip has been in my mind. Love, Katherine

  2. Jeanne Day Says:

    omg, awesome; what power!

  3. Sarah Hallowell Says:

    wow tayria, what a blessed dream.
    and perfect timing. i will work with this.
    loving how the trip continues..!! keep on…..!

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