Africa Journal, Back in the Tube

For those of you who have been following this adventure to Africa with me you might remember the image I used to describe what it felt like preparing myself to come to Kenya. Those little tubes that we use during drive in banking, inside which the deposits are placed, and whoosh, with the push of a button, are launched  from outside the building through the mechanisms arriving inside to the teller – that is what it felt like getting myself here. And now, I pack up all that I have gathered internally – all of the stories, blessings, information, wisdom, relationships, love and grace – and place myself back in the tube to come whooshing back home, through Amsterdam, New York, Atlanta and Asheville. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh. So much comes with me. And much I know I have left here.

I want to unpack the stories, and will continue to write them and post photographs. They need to be told! My heart is full with gratitude for every bit of this journey, and especially to those whose love came with me in a special way of support.

Whoosh, here I come. Home on the 12th.

5 Responses to “Africa Journal, Back in the Tube”

  1. Jeanne Day Says:

    Tayria, what time do you arrive in Asheville? I would love to greet you with a hug at the airport if it’s a time that I could be there.

    Your journey has been very touching. I became aware, as I contemplated your re-connection with Ester, that she and some of her peers will be the young leaders of a continent in true transformation within a few years. She will know love as a part her core and will take action from that deep place that you have helped to fertilize through compassion.

  2. Tayria Ward Says:

    Jeanne, I get back into Asheville on Thursday at 7:17 pm, Delta flight 5280 from Atlanta. You’re so sweet. This might be a little late for you, maybe you were thinking it would be an afternoon flight. Seeing your sweet face would be very dear if it turns out to work for you, but otherwise let’s meet soon. I love your thought about Esther. Right now her life is just about survival, but let’s pray that she will rise up to express the beauty within her to the world in the biggest way possible. Much love.

    • Jeanne Day Says:

      Yes, I was hoping it would be an afternoon flight. You know my story with driving in the dark.
      Should you arrive tired enough that you’d like not to have to drive home in the night, I’d be delighted to have you stay at my house and then send you home the next day. I suspect you will be aching to get home to your own space, but just want you to know the invitation is there.
      Definitely would like to see you soon, if not then. Safe trip.
      Love to you, Jeanne

  3. Steve Mann Says:

    Tayria, it’s been intriguing and educational reading about your travels through Africa. You are one special human being. Love you, lots.


  4. Adele Says:

    Tayria, I moved to tears (sobs, more acurately) by these last two postings, about Esther and about your trip home. You are an inspiration, and I, too, am filled with gratitude to have participated in some small way in your journey. love to you – Adele

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