Africa Journal #4, Time out of time

We have just completed our 3rd full day on this adventure in Africa. It takes a lot of concentration to figure that out. Three days. It might have been three years. Maybe just a minute. Only a speck of time. All of eternity. I can’t say why or wherefore or what I really mean by this. There couldn’t be a narrative that would even vaguely contain it.

Yet, as it goes in Kenya, we spend a lot of time waiting. Waiting to herd cats to get in the vans to leave. Waiting an hour for the paint store to mix one can of paint. Waiting for the police escort to stand in a long line to check out his weapon so that he can escort us into the slum. Waiting for the kids to put on their little show for us. Nothing is “on time.” What is time? I’ve been waiting for 18 months to get back to Africa to see Esther, the little girl I promised to come back to see. Now waiting to finally get to her orphanage to see her, which will happen tomorrow.

Time is a man-made invention. It doesn’t exist as we know it in nature. And it sure doesn’t exist as we know it in Africa.  I feel its absence like a presence here. This happens where in live in the mountains of Appalachia, I have learned a lot about time and timelessness in the mountains. But this is qualitatively different from that experience too. It is more condensed. More vast. More original.

To live and move and be in the world beyond time, outside of time, released from time, that would be closer to our primordial nature. That way of being is with us all along if we just listen. Time is an illusion anyway. I feel closer to that here, and I like it. It changes you.

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7 Responses to “Africa Journal #4, Time out of time”

  1. Steve Mann Says:

    You’re right, Tayria. There is no time. Just the moment….still….it sounds a little frustrating.

  2. Rick & Rox Says:

    Please keep telling us the story.

  3. Gillian Broswick Says:

    Tayria…I can feel my own impatience with time as I wait for you to go to the orphanage to see Esther!!! Big Hugs Gillian XXOOO

  4. Katherine Parker Says:

    Waiting to see Esther! I have thought about you today. I hope something magical happens in this worm hole for both of you and all those around, KP

  5. paradama purusha Says:

    High Doctortayria~~

    This is Alexa’s grandpa (whom she has renamed, Bam!Pa.). I enjoyed reading the account of your adventures. As far as time goes, I suggest time is a symbol of our, apparent but not real, separation from God. I think time is an invention of our egos which wants to see us separate from the Whole. The ego needs time to believe it has duration and substance which of course it doesn’t. I get that you have seen beyond this illusion. For that I say you are in the front of the world-wide revolution as much as anyone.

    I invite you to watch my Youtube video “The End of Caesar.” It is a declaration of independence from oppressive power structures and concomitant independence of thought. The copyright caries a Creative Commons License allowing anyone to copy, distribute and use in any non-commercial way without altering it as long as they give attribution in the form of the copyright notice which is on the Youtube “more information.” Here is the URL:

    May you always be Occupied by Peace, Love and Happiness,

  6. Donna K Says:

    Hello Tayria,

    Jeff sent me you Blog #3 and has been telling me about your writings as you travel. We are both with you in heart and spirit.
    Love, D & J

  7. sarah davis Says:

    Anxious to hear about your visit to the orphanage and Esther. thinking of you xoxo sarah

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