Waking Up from the Long Sleep

I have been having an almost daily sensation for what I think might be 2 years or more that I am waking up, each day waking up, like Rumpelstiltskin, from a very long sleep. The feeling is getting more acute. It isn’t that I feel “enlightened”, like “Oh yeah, now it all is clear.” It is simply a sensation of waking up. Then waking up more. Then waking up some more. Like an unfolding. It seems to be a sensation at a cellular level.

I believe this is a collective thing, I don’t feel that it is personal. Something is occurring – astronomically, astrologically, evolutionarily, physically, metaphysically, I wouldn’t know how to label it – but phenomenologically I know I feel it.

I can say how it feels to me in a personal way, though. Have you ever seen a sea anemone, how it opens up with its tentacles floating in the water, then when you touch it all of the tentacles fold back in? It hunkers down to protect itself until the danger passes. My sensation is of a little energy system like that on the crown of my skull, toward the back, that has been closed down and protecting itself – because of personal storms, yes, but because of the darkness of an era I think. Now, defying all logic, with things breaking down everywhere across the globe and natural disasters becoming the norm, my little anemone seems to want to go ahead and unfold anyway. Let’s open to the light that is dawning. Let’s see what it is about.

None of this is mental, my cerebral aspect is just trying to notice and catch up with what is occurring at another level. I think it is happening to our organism as a unitary planetary whole. It probably has a lot to do with why things are breaking down everywhere.  We can’t sustain the unsustainable any more. We’re waking up.

Viva la vida, I say. We’ve been in an oppressive death grip. Let life break out and break in, wake us up, shake us up, open the curtains, let in the air. I sure keep feeling it.


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