Sense and Cents

Many times I mention, and always will, the impact that the great heart thinker Buckminster Fuller has had upon my life. Somehow, as an impressionable pre-teen, I committed myself to the simple truths in what he articulated and understood about life. The complex truths I leave to others, with much gratitude that they are able to comprehend and carry them forward. I only can tell and live by the most simple ones.

One of those that I heard then and have innocently, maybe naively lived by is that “You do what make sense, and cents will follow.” Don’t worry about money. When you do what makes sense in your heart, money will find you and support that. I watched him, that is how he moved. Can I imagine him ever doing one single thing because a dollar was behind it? No. Not ever. He invested his own life energy if it made sense to his heart. His heart, especially beginning with a life-changing crisis/revelation at age 27,  was focused upon figuring out how one individual could help the most amount of people.

What is a girl to do who learns this at an early age from a trusted elder in our particular social and economic environment? If I die tomorrow, I can say I have lived the way Bucky advised. With commitment. And Life has supported me as Bucky said that it would. Generating trust that life will continue to do this is a daily commitment, it is my path.

Tonight I saw a person in my dream group who at a young age is being addressed by enormous archetypal forces show powerful evidence that she is up to the challenges of those forces. Her dreams are telling her so. Life has been confusing her and trying to obfuscate what her spirit knows, but the dream reinforced her deepest intentions and made it clear. It gave her a path to follow. I was here to help her see that about her own dream, this pure product of nature and of psyche. In these moments, my life makes sense. Cents will surely follow and support the work. I commit my faith to this. Thank you Bucky.

May the legacy of this primordial wisdom pass onto this young person, and to all now, as our powerful collective anarchist interior natures now confront Wall Street.  People know. What they instinctively know can’t be suppressed forever. Nature won’t allow it. The collective dream is taking hold. I support it.

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