Moon Smile Dream

I had an extraordinary dream a couple of nights ago. In it, a gift comes in the mail. I open it to find two actual moons someone somehow gathered from far out in space, each a little larger than a softball, smaller than a basketball. In my waking life I love natural artifacts, collect them and am often given them. But – moons? I knew in the dream that this was an astonishing gift. As I pulled them from their wrappings, one was in a see-through container. I saw eyes – soft sweet eyes of this moon looking at me. Then a small smile appeared on its face. Then the smile changed to a big grin with thick lips -twinkling with joy, almost laughter.

Why did  this dream occur right now? I am curious about this. Earth’s moon pulls the tides, affects moods and consciousness far beyond our ability to trace or comprehend. My work is to help people identify, recognize, understand hidden forces and pulls in their lives. Is that why the moons were given to me, and one was smiling broadly at me? Is it a smile on my work maybe?

Some planets have many moons, Earth only has one. What would life be like if we had two? Why two moons in this dream? I know there is significance here. I hold an ear to the sky, want to hear what is being communicated.

Tonight at dusk as I pulled up to my home on the mountain after three days in town, an elk, much bigger than a horse, was standing in my yard, inside my fence. It was looking at me, not scared or skittish, just there.

Visitations from earth and sky. Listening. Curious. Wondering. Fascinated. Grateful.

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