Economics of Happiness

Look at the news. We have failed economically. Economic recovery is not possible, or desirable.  I just watched a film that I wish everyone would see. The Economics of Happiness. I don’t preach anymore, haven’t  since resigning from the ministery 17 years ago, but I really want to encourage you to go to, buy this film, and show it to friends. It is a simple, honest, brilliant statement of the affect globalization has produced, creating poverty, depression, and decline in every nation. Think globally, as they say, but act locally. Buy locally. And support local efforts. We’re giving it all away to corporations that have lost touch. Every thing that we buy affects our health and our situation. The decisions we make all day long create the world. We must wake up.

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2 Responses to “Economics of Happiness”

  1. ljcollins Says:

    Where did you see it, Tayria?

  2. Tayria Ward Says:

    A copy a friend gave me to view, but I went immediately on-line and bought several to distribute to daughters, etc. You would be very welcome to borrow mine when I get it. Maybe we can get some people together to watch it.

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