Spirit and Form

Long years ago I had a dream that will always stay with me. I saw two feet walking, when one hit the ground I heard the word “Spirit”, the next hit the ground and I heard the word “Form.” Spirit, form, spirit, form, spirit, form. The feet kept walking. The dream seemed to be instructing me in some basics of the mystery of this system we live in. Spirit comes into form, goes back to spirit. Form holds spirit, then lets it go. Nothing stays, but the motion is consistent and reliable. It keeps walking.

In my new Tae Kwon Do practice I am learning the lovely dance that this ancient art does with this. I can’t speak the language, it is Korean, but there is a word they use for “soul call” or “soul cry.” When you hear that loud “Yeeaaahhhh” – (however it comes out) as a person is practicing, this is allowing soul to make its sound. It feels so good to do it! The forms present soul in position, the soul cries release it, the release invites the next form. As I practice I am now reminded of my long remembered dream — spirit, form, spirit, form, spirit, form.

This is the dance we are always doing. But what I am thinking now is that we are often missing the sound part of the ritual. Releasing sound all day long is regularly practiced in indigenous cultures, in a variety of ways for different reasons. We moderns have gotta get that back. Learn when to YELL, yell on behalf of soul, not AT anyone or anything. Spontaneously cry out like the hawk. Squawk. Sing. Holler. Yodel. Release sound however you feel it coming on. If spirit stays in form too long without intentional and dynamic release it will come out whining, bitching, nagging, criticizing, moaning. Give it some permission and some joy and some juice. Howl! Feel GOOD with it.

Animals don’t take this ritual lightly. Neither should we.

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One Response to “Spirit and Form”

  1. Joy Parker Says:

    I love what you said about letting the soul cry out. A few years ago I was at a workshop at my teacher Gretchen’s house. We were doing healing journeys for a partner. My partner, Lisa, was told to do a certain ritual in the backyard while I stood by her, holding the space and howling like a wolf. So, there I was, in a residential area of Mission Viejo, Orange County, CA, howling my heart out. I felt a little self-conscious, but it was fun. After all, if the spirits say to do it, do it!

    Right this moment I’m tuned into the Two Harbors 24-hour-a-day Internet eagle cam on Catalina Island. Solitaire, the eagle fledgling, who left the nest over a month ago, has landed in her nest and is screaming to her parent to please come and bring her a fish. She doesn’t give up, just keep calling. Well, bring that girl a fish! There’s a lesson in there somewhere.

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