Where Angels Dwell

There are realms within realms that we travel in;  some of them register with our physical senses, and some through other senses, and some not at all. I often sense the realm where angels dwell. My mom has just entered that realm I am feeling, after a stroke she is now neither here nor on the other side, but with angels. It brings us all closer to the mysteries as well.

There are special people in our world who live closer to those realms that sometimes get marginalized through lack of understanding or fear due to miscomprehension. I have known some who just live there. And I think as we age, go into further deafness, blindness, pulling some roots out from this consensual realm, we begin to vibrate more with the subtle realms. These among us must be cherished. They are carriers of healing and grace. Cherish, cherish, cherish our special and aging ones.

One Response to “Where Angels Dwell”

  1. Laura Collins Says:

    Oh Tayria! So sorry to hear about your mother. Sending love.

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