Dragon Heart

I have recently started a series of treatments in Chinese medicine. Western medicine practitioners, try as they might, have given me weak and limited assistance in some of the concerns I work with in my physical make-up. The grand mountains in China called out to me, I saw their image and felt it. They told me Chinese medicine has means we do not have here.

My second session was about awakening the dragon. The lovely doctor didn’t tell me much more than that. But as the hours and days progressed afterward I began to see visions of a dragon coming through my heart.

One of my biggest life dreams, probably the biggest one, was of a Bengal tiger coming straight up to me and asking me to help her give birth to her cub, which was crowning through her chest. The mother lay at my feet while the baby was coming out through her heart. In the dream I heard the words “the birth canal of the heart.”

My visions this past week of the dragon heart made me want to draw what I was seeing, so I looked on google-images for help. One of the images there was that of a Bengal tiger. I drew this image. I drew a woman with a Bengal tiger coming through her heart.

What we need now, in these days, these times, under these global and personal circumstances, is strength of heart. In the West we put too much emphasis on the powers of mind. Mind is at risk. Mind is limited. It has its uses, like a checkbook has its uses. Mind, which is a good pretender as master, is fragile and weak. The heart, only the heart, knows.

Life has finally taught me lately not to be afraid to fall in love. Love is all that matters. Life wants me to love everything, as deeply and passionately as I can.

On the outside mind, as it presents and navigates in the world, seems to be strong. It isn’t. On the inside  is the dragon. That is where the power is. I want to listen first and foremost to that.

2 Responses to “Dragon Heart”

  1. Darita-Rose Alden Says:

    Brent Davis has a flower essence that told him, “This is from the very heart of the dragon.” It’s called Butterfly Flower and it’s for having the courage to keep the heart open. http://www.floralive.com.

  2. Tayria Ward Says:

    Thanks, Darita. Fascinating. I’ll check it out after finishing the series with this doctor.

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