What is Important and What isn’t.

The tornadoes blowing through, lives lost and devastated, what is going on in Japan and elsewhere on our little planet home have to be causing each of us to evaluate, personally, what is important and what isn’t. I sat in the middle of the woods today and cried with a friend. Everything happening makes me wonder. What matters and what does not? This has to be causing us globally to reflect together this question.

The people who have been affected most in these disasters are our gurus right now, our definitive teachers. They know. We need to listen to them, and put ourselves in their place. Their illusions are gone with the wind. Only what truly matters remains.

My thought is that love is all that matters. Ask any of them. Connection and love.

How do we organize our lives around these priorities? This is the most crucial question at the moment. Beyond economics, beyond war, beyond politics, beyond religion, how do we organize ourselves around simple, basic principles of love?

Ask any of them. I’ll bet they will suddenly be able to tell us more than we thought imaginable to know.

One Response to “What is Important and What isn’t.”

  1. Darita-Rose Alden Says:

    I totally agree. In classical astrology, this part of our lives is ruled by the element water. Water is not warm, which means, it doesn’t have a whole lot of energy in certain ways, but it connects. And we are supposed to retain something of the warmth of air and fire into these years, and you certainly do. As John Lennon wrote: “Last night the wife said/Oh boy, when you’re dead/You don’t take nothing with you but your soul.”

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