Champagne Time

When I went through a breakdown many years ago my entire life and identity shattered to pieces, I went on a 10-day vision quest, alone in the woods by myself in an effort to recover and reclaim myself. Many things happened for me in those days, but I believe the most key and core experience was that I realized the simplest truth of all. I am a mother. That seemed to be all I needed to know about myself, the most fundamental thing. It was, maybe like a Zen statement, the most simple and obvious fact but also unutterably profound. An enlightenment. Impossible to transmit in words. Perhaps I arrived at this because my two daughters are the most profound beings of grace, goodness, intelligence, humor, talent, joy and beauty.

Today I got a call from Eli, the much loved partner of my daughter Josi, asking for my blessing to marry her. I had no idea how to express how thrilled I felt. After giving my blessing with all of my heart, Josi got on the telephone. My rosebud. She was smiling so hugely that I could feel the energy of that smile pulsing all the way from Ithaca, New York, to North Carolina.

I am weeping now as I try to put this into words. As a mother, the happiness and well-being of your child is the most profoundly hoped for thing in all of the universe, nothing compares. My gorgeous daughter Josi has found the love of her life, and Eli has found his. He told me once he wants to live his life figuring out how to be good to her every day. What more could a mother want? I feel fulfilled on this day. The fine gift of this great love has moved into a new dimension of stabilization, blessing this wild and wonderful world with itself.

Rejoice! I hear angels singing.


3 Responses to “Champagne Time”

  1. Darita-Rose Alden Says:

    I cried, too. What a lot of light is in this. Yes, I remember newborn Josi the rosebud. And the toddler and little girl and … She is so dear, and I am so happy. We need good news like this right now.

  2. ljcollins Says:

    Oh, happy, happy day! So glad for all of you!

  3. informationforager Says:

    I really liked your message. We never really know true love until we have kids. Sure there can be boyfriends, girlfiends, Love Interests and spouces, but there is no love like the love of one’s own children. It’s not romantic or sexual or anything. It’s absolutley altuistic and pure. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them (except for borrowing the car, stayin out after curfew, and…….).
    The breakdown is really a breakout. It’s a shedding of old ideas and habits that have become useless. They probably served a purpose at one time of structure or security but eventually gave way to greater truths. Actually it sounds like a Pluto Transit. If you get the chance you should have an astrologer review your chart for that time.


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