Body Awareness

Matter, earth, body are considered to be unconscious, and in Jungian thought represent the realm of the unconscious. Matter is the dark stuff, vibrating at a denser level.  As I now begin a process of interrupting familiar eating and drinking habits in order to clear and cleanse my body, my matter is stirred and voices arise. I am listening.  Their normal soothers or silencers aren’t showing up so they are fussy and want to talk. These parts are not conscious though. I listen intently for clues to help them find their voice and make their way to consciousness. Doing this cleanse promises to be interesting.

Matter is mater, mother. Earth, the soil, is the womb that births us and the breast that feeds us every day.

In a recent dream I was riding along the earth on my belly, like a snake does. I propelled my way to a Zen master who was waiting for me. There was delicious energy in him. He sent me a transmission of some sort. I moved along my way after that. The dream may have been premonitory of my working with matter and earth more closely in this way.

I have a deck of beautiful cards with images of various goddesses from many cultures on them, with information about each on the other side. I drew a card last night asking which goddess will be guiding me as I go on this adventure. Eve came up. My friend who started the cleanse too and will be working with me developing how to offer this to others, asking the same question, drew Gaia. Ah.

In some interpretations of Eve’s story she ate from the tree of knowledge. This caused humans to leave the the garden of Eden, a symbol of unconsciousness, and sent us on a journey to become conscious. Eve listened to snake, which this card says is “a potent symbol of the vital life force found in every living being, representing rebirth and regeneration.” What a powerful, primal feminine deity to be working with now.

I’m listening.



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