Crazy Lloyd

Last night I did a little ritual I learned some time ago for dream incubation. I went to bed asking for a dream. This is what I got. It has caused a little laugh going off in me all day long.

In the first part of the dream I am at a University that is at the bottom of the ocean. I am amazed that we are able to breathe down there, but somehow we are getting oxygen into our blood streams without air. I am going around to different laboratories, witnessing much of what is being taught and experimented upon, and finding the observation rooms.

Then I am in a living room in the upper world again, with air and sunlight. A man known as Crazy Lloyd comes in accompanied by a couple of nurses; he is regarded by the larger world as a  nut case. I sit with him and we talk. In an instant I see that Lloyd is not crazy one bit, that he is in fact a master, like a laughing Buddha kind of guy, with a twinkle in his eye and a sense of irony in everything we talk about. He tells me his beloved wife died, which has obviously broken his heart badly, and he is raising their two kids on his own. But as he continues with a string of stories a half laugh is felt through everything he is saying, the humor of life is never lost on him and he infuses his narratives richly with it.

Then the nurses come back to get him. Lloyd leaves me to go with them, and they head into the back of a huge auditorium of people. He looks back at me with a twinkle in his eye, seeming to say this is his way this crazy routine;, he is an undercover agent of sorts, and keeps himself from being noticed by this. I really love Lloyd in the dream, and see that his nurses do too. They are in on it I think.

I remember years ago reading and loving the writings of Ramakrishna, Vivekananda’s teacher in India. Ramakrishna had many of his disciples convinced that he was crazy even as he was their spiritual master. He would jump into a tree and behave like a monkey. It was part of the ruse of the master, he explained, to mess with the minds of his students in such ways so they did not fixate upon him, but turned inward to their own processes.

I think Lloyd was a great psychological figure for me to meet – someone who seems nuts to the world, but definitely knows exactly what he is doing and why. He is healthy, happy, responsible and aware.

There is surely something going on in the depths of the human unconscious right now, a whole field of activity at the bottom of the ocean. With dictators currently being torn down in countries the world over, Lloyd might have a point staying hidden. A different kind of wisdom might be emergent but can’t be known quite yet. It’s coming in the back door, under cover, yet unnoticed for the most part. Let’s see what Lloyd has up his sleeve. I’m thinking it will be interesting.

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