I went to bed last night with a focused prayer, asking what I need to know. I felt the crescent moon, more gorgeous and stunning than any moon vision I can remember, had imprinted itself on mind so strongly, I called for a dream to help me understand. I received an unforgettable one. I was in the woods, a tiger was sitting serenely, looking straight into my eyes. It was a tiger with coloring that I don’t think exists in this world, grey fur with black stripes. The words came, “This is what is not yet taken care of.”

I am starting to get the message, there are things I have left to do. They often picture the Virgin Mary standing on just such a crescent moon as I saw last night. Maybe she will help me give birth to the next thing.

One Response to “MoonTiger”

  1. Darita-Rose Alden Says:

    Didn’t you dream of a tiger some months ago? It was coming toward you but you were not afraid, you knew it meant something to do … I think

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