SAG and Smiles

I just finished watching the Screen Actors Guild Awards and I think I maybe smile like an idiot through whole shows like this. These are our storytellers. They do such an extraordinary service for us. They take on all of the public scrutiny and people going through their histories and telling of their worst life moments as if it were entertainment – just so they can continue to do their craft and tell OUR stories. I love them for this and I love to see them acknowledge one another and be honored.

Laurence Olivier, who I met as his son Richard was a friend of mine, (who also told me that I had such beautiful eyes that all of the boys must have had a hard time with it – can you imagine hearing that from Laurence Olivier?) was quoted tonight. I love his quote. “What is better than the work of an actor? – to teach the human heart the knowledge of itself.”

I honor the film industry for teaching my heart, over and over, the knowledge of itself. I am forever amazed at the level of beauty and dignity and integrity and prophecy and wisdom and humor and gracefulness and love of the people who give us movies. In old days people used to sit around a fire and tell stories every night to keep the community alive, happy and inspired. Now we have movies. Thank heaven.

One Response to “SAG and Smiles”

  1. Darita-Rose Alden Says:

    The quote by Olivier is fantastic. I am watching Sex and the City all through, in order. Season Five was short because Cynthia and Sarah Jessica were both pregnant. The latter very much suffering first-trimester and morning sickness. But you would never guess it. You have to be strong in so many ways to be an actor.

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