Absence and Presence

Even in absence there can be presence
But when the presence goes out of absence
And there is only absence
Absence is intensified.

This intense absence is its own kind of presence
And absence.
Intense absence
The presence of only absence within absence
Is what I feel now.
A numbing void.

3 Responses to “Absence and Presence”

  1. Joy Parker Says:

    After death, comes rebirth. Remember that.

  2. Jerry R. O'Neill Says:

    Our dear Tayria, don’t we live in the smile of divine favor, a life-giving presence that is forever with us and for us? Haven’t you written on many occasions how NOTHING separates us from this love, not the darkest dark, the most intense absence, or the worst case of mood-altering brain malfunction.

    Absence, presence–you speak of a lively paradox not a deadly, numbing void! And for this I thank you, Tayria. In a moment perhaps feeling lifeless you have blessed me more richly than ever!

  3. Nancy Whitlow Says:

    The last part of Robert Frost’s poem “Bereft” is

    “Word I was in the house alone
    Somehow must have gotten abroad,
    Word I was in my life alone,
    Word I had no one left but God.”

    I had to quietly lead my students to see that that ending is probably hopeful. The last word is always ‘God’. The alone moments can make that reality come alive.

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