In spite of multitudes of daily foibles, thousands of bad turns or wrong choices, misfired words or gestures, forgotten intentions and promises, character flaws that reach deeper than earth’s most dramatic canyons, life still seems to offer her mercy. It is hard not to be deeply moved by this. I have learned to trust in this aspect of nature and the divine, and I want to embody and express it fully in my whole being, always. Thanks to God for sweet mercies.

One Response to “Mercy”

  1. Darita-Rose Alden Says:

    Hi, Tayria. I am thinking about you and your efforts, inspired by them, empathetic with you. Your story often “speaks to my condition,” as we Quakers say. I am studying Quaker spirituality, and it’s really interesting and enjoyable Quakerism was started by George Fox in England in 1650. In his writings are these words: “The transforming mercies of Christ.” I love that phrase, “transforming mercies.”

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