Parallel Universes

I enjoyed immensely seeing Brian Greene, the string theory scientist guy, on Stephen Colbert’s show. He says that math now can prove the possibility of parallel universes occurring at the same time as this one. He also said that until we have evidence of those universes the theory remains only a possibility, math has proven it is possible.

I am not a scientist and, obviously to anyone who knows me, not that concerned about the scientific method in my own explorations of reality and consciousness, but I would love to ask Brian Greene or someone with a beautiful mind like his what scientists would consider hard evidence of parallel universes. Where do they file the multi-layered stories of the dead communicating with the living, or those of the many cultures, such as the Australian aborigines, who walk in and out of the dreamtime landscapes whether awake or asleep? Since the beginning of known human history reports of experience and visions of other dimensions, seeing through the veils of this time-space continuum, have been recorded with astonishing similarities and coincidences of detail. I’m guessing they have sound ideas about why these don’t qualify as parallel universes, but I would love to hear the dialogue. These things surely point to more than we can detect with instruments and math, wouldn’t they? What about our own sensing capabilities – the cells, the genes, the mind, the heart? Don’t they count as well?

Buckminster Fuller said he believed we should rely always and only on our experience. The Celts used to say the same. Never take someone else’s word for something you haven’t yet experienced to be true. That might put priests and scientists out of business unnecessarily, but I do think there is something important being said in that.

My senses and experiences tell me there are parallel universes and that string theory is correct. I’m just saying so. I love that mathematicians are articulating and postulating it in their way. It’s glorious.

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