Holiday times of year, such as this one, Christmas, that Christians and most of the Western world celebrate, often bring with them an instinctive migratory impulse – to brave the difficulties, uncertainties, expenses and rigors of travel so that we can be with the ones who we have known from the beginning. It can be a journey in time, back to origins and things primordial, even pre-verbal, in the psyche. The sights, smells, voices, memories, foods, utensils, patterns of every kind are potent.

These are opportunities to listen deeply into the old stories, personal and familial, to discover which ones can now be retold in a different light, with fresh perspective and maturity, and which ones run so deeply that only generations of ancestors before us hold the clues to unlocking their mystery. The times offer insight into what has shaped us and possibilities for longed for transformation and freedom.

So many humans across our planet are gathered now. I ask blessings for each and every one, that these times will be precious, fruitful, healing and renewing. There are deeper reasons than we can even begin to articulate for why we come together in these ways. Whatever the reasons are in the depths of being, may they be beautifully fulfilled.

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