Seeing Through the Veil

Love was born at Christmas. This is a common phrase, often felt and experienced in certain ways, but lost to us in general I believe as to its actual truth.

Earth is but a cloak that hides heaven, a thin veil. Because earth seems dense and imperfect, full of trouble and fraught with sorrow heaven seems far away. But heaven is closer than our breath, spinning in our cells, and wants us to see through the veil into its simple glory.

This is what Buddha did under the Bodhi tree, what Mohammed did in his cave, what Jesus did seeing through the veils of the hypocrisies of pious traditions into passionate love for everyone he met, respect for the widow’s mite, pouring out his care upon the poor and the suffering.

I accept this birth in the cave of my heart. Come, sweet lord. I want to see what you see.

One Response to “Seeing Through the Veil”

  1. Jerry R. O'Neill Says:

    Merry Christmas, Julie. May the love of God revealed through the union of divine spirit and human flesh fill you with comfort and joy!

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