Ancestor Blessing

This night my sweet cook arrived for the retreat this weekend. She swept through my house like a tiny hurricane organizing and preparing the space for the nurturing she will be doing for us during these days. She, my friend already here and I had a meaningful and celebratory meal and talked to prepare ourselves for the gathering to come.

In preparation we made ancestor flags, something I learned from an Algonquin elder and Jungian analyst, Muriel McMahon. We tied strips of cloth in black and white onto a string. Muriel had taught us to do this in general to bring in ancestral blessing and wisdom, but it occurred to me that we might think specifically of those who have gone to the other side who we would like to invite to be with us as we tied each tie. The three of us did this tonight, and it felt very strong. We hung the strings with the strips of cloth outside so that the wind can carry our invitation and prayers as the flags blow. I feel the prayers happening. We are getting ready.


One Response to “Ancestor Blessing”

  1. Joy Parker Says:

    It’s exciting to hear the process of you getting ready for your retreat. May the ancestors bless you, your participants, and your work.

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