This word is used a lot and surely those who speak of it have a concept in mind. Nationally we worry about protecting freedom, while generating controversy over the smaller freedoms that some believe need to be sacrificed in the service of greater freedom. In our personal lives, freedom is certainly a precious value for every individual.

In general definitions of the subject, I am probably as free as anyone on the planet. Except for possibly a quality of freedom that greater financial resources might provide, I think it might be hard to find someone more free than I am.

However a dream I had last night reveals a different inner reality. It demonstrates clearly a suffocating internal oppression, and I am grateful finally to be able to make this conscious. Considering the implications of the information in the dream has been sobering. I must wake up and pay attention.

Freedom is also an inside job. There are territories in the landscape of psyche that if dominated by an outside force will prevent a person from ever experiencing true liberty. This kind of liberty can not be given from the outside, it can only be achieved internally.

I begin now a new revolution to remove occupying forces from my interior landscape. Like all revolutions, allies and forces friendly to the cause must be gathered. I am fortunate to feel strongly resourced in this way. Once a person frees himself, he is in a position to help free others. I look forward to working in this cause.


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