Dream Catching, Webs of Love

Sheesh, for a mountain girl my hillbilly side is getting a stretch workout today. Sitting on my couch this morning going through e-mails, one e-mail took me to my Facebook page where there were several loving messages waiting for me. Then on Facebook instant messaging a young woman who had lived with us one year in L.A. as an exchange student from Spain popped in to update me on her life, and find out about mine. So I was conversing with her, while checking out other Facebook messages as I waiting for her replies, switching back over to e-mail too – when a text came in on my cell phone. Another friend and I started heating up the cell phone lines. While I’m waiting for his texts to return, and my Spanish friend’s IM’s to return, I’m still perusing both Facebook messages and e-mails. And everything I am touching anywhere I go is about love. Love is just everywhere, and is so profound. I felt like a spider weaving a web of love connections, going over here, then down there, then up that way, and across again. Dream-catching. Love-making. Wonderful.

4 Responses to “Dream Catching, Webs of Love”

  1. Joy Parker Says:

    People criticize texting and Facebook, but thank you for reminding us of how sweet it is to share great love with our friends and families using these wonderful tools.

  2. Jerry R. O'Neill Says:

    Just today I expressed hope on facebook not to lose my dream prompting someone to ask me how to go about discoverying the dream life they long for.

    I see this as such a spiritual, soulful question calling for a friend’s utmost care and encouragement. Any tips, Tayria?

  3. Tayria Ward Says:

    Absolutely. Dream catching is a skill that can be learned with practice. When you go to sleep, set your intention vividly to remember your dreams. Tell your psyche that you want to recall your dreams. Keep a pad and pencil by your bed, and little pen light. When you wake up, either in the night or in the morning, write notes on any dream that is there immediately. Sometimes even if you turn over it is gone. When you wake up look back toward the night before you look ahead toward the day. Write the dream out in a dream journal in full narrative as soon as you can. When your dreaming psyche realizes you are paying attention and taking it seriously, it supports that by helping you with the recall. I have an article on the dream page of my website if anyone wants to check that out. Good luck. Dreams are, to me, the most important spiritual practice we can have. They are the voice of the divine.

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