The Passions Next Door

Carl Jung warned of the danger in splitting off from, rather than passing through, the “inferno” of our passions. Outrage, anger, grief – whatever life stirs up in us – if not felt, assimilated and passed through consciously, “dwell in the house next door” he says, and at any moment may shoot out a flame that will set fire to our own house. “Whenever we give up, leave behind, and forget too much, there is always the danger that the things we have neglected with return with added force.”

I have had recent dreams in which I was staying with someone next door and then began the move back into my own house. Something has been split off and is ready to return home. A dream last night offers clues, something I have been unaware, possibly in denial of, suddenly being revealed. It seems to relate to the feminine ancestral line. A friend I shared the dream with pointed out a missing link in the line, one of the generations wasn’t represented in the dream at all while 3 others were. That’s another clue. A missing piece.

Following dreams requires detective skills; activating our inner Sherlock. Some mystery wants to be solved here. A missing child to be returned to the fold.

2 Responses to “The Passions Next Door”

  1. Jerry R. O'Neill Says:

    Anger was not welcomed in the house where I grew up, the arrival of this strong emotion immediately setting off alarms and scattering people in every direction. We “split off” rather than allow it to pass through.

    This perhaps explains why today I have difficulty recognizing my own anger even when it bunks right under my skin. Thankfully, I am learning from experts like you, Tayria, though ever so slowly, not to run and hide from this passion when it knocks on my door.

    Be of good courage, I’m hearing you say, a gracious host to this weighty visitor. And in my dreams anger will come offering valuable life lessons before naturally moving on.

    I believe this to be true. Now to comfort the child within who still sees anger as a frightening nightmare.

  2. Tayria Ward Says:

    Jerry, this is such an open and beautiful expression. Yes, do listen to the anger of the child within who never got to say what he really felt and why. Anger is like electricity, it is energy, to be used for good or for harm. If Gandhi had not listened to his own anger about the injustices he observed he could never have done what he did. Blessings on your journey with it.

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