What the… ?

I want to tell this story because for two days every time I think about it I have burst into laughter out loud, having to work to suppress it in public so I don’t disturb the masses with spontaneous belly laughing. Yesterday my neighbor was on his roof working on some chimney repair. His wife was below as he sent a tape measure down the chimney and they were discussing what needed to happen. Hannah, their 3-year old granddaughter, who was inside came up to check out the situation. She heard Papaw’s voice from inside the stove. She said, “Where are you, Papaw?” He said, I’m right here! She said, “What the hell are you doing in there?” Now this is a child that doesn’t usually use such language, but the situation of Papaw in the stove definitely seemed to call for it.

One Response to “What the… ?”

  1. alisha Says:

    Oh. my. god!! That is THE funniest thing I have ever heard or heard of my niece saying!! God how I wish I would have been there to hear it myself!! lol

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