Heart Burning

Listening to the body. Have never experienced pain like I am experiencing which seems to be what they call “heartburn” – not sure. Like fire and knives. I finally gave the whole experience to the elements today – I offer burning love to you, whatever is on fire right in the center of me. I think my heart has been toolong  protected since devastating heartbreak and is starting a revolution. I know heartburn is about the stomach, it must be called that for a reason. I think my body is finding a voice, and I want to listen.

3 Responses to “Heart Burning”

  1. Jerry R. O'Neill Says:

    You are blessed, Tayria, that love still burns.

  2. joyparker Says:

    Before I read this blog, the thoughts that came into my mind is that you are a woman whose heart burns with passion for life and with love for others. Just keep listening to your body.

    As one who has had acide reflux, it does not hurt to take an antacid in the meantime and to avoid citrus, dairy, and spicy foods until the burning calms down.

    Isn’t it beautiful to be able to look at the body both physically and metaphorically and act on both? That is true self-love.

    • Tayria Ward Says:

      Thank you, Joy! Dairy? I didn’t realize. I eat yogurt and cheese often. You are so kind to see and understand my truly “burning heart.” I have to tame it in the body but let it burn in the spirit, apparently.

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