I forgot to write last night, which is unusual. Actually I thought about it so many times that I must have finally thought I did it. I had to check this morning.

I’m readying myself to be at a conference this week that I am assisting with, lists of things both personal and part of the conference effort sit on every counter and swirl in my head that the dizziness feels unhealthy. Literally like I’m sick. I wonder about these things. I look out at the changing colors across the mountains from my window and the birds flying about and I don’t feel part of it. I feel dislocated.

For any rite of passage, severance from all that is familiar is the beginning stage. Ok. Here I go. Not even close to packed and out the door and I feel severed already. We’ll see how this goes.

One Response to “Dislocation”

  1. Joy Parker Says:

    I so much admire your commitment to writing every day. I have a blog that I’ve been dying to write all week, but I feel snowed under with a lot of things too. But the fact that you did it, made up the missing blog this morning, deserves the highest praise.

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