Buckminster Fuller and the Dymaxion Car

Tonight I got a link from a friend telling me that a British man has just re-built Buckminster Fuller’s design for a Dymaxion Car. Bucky was a scientist, philospher and seer who died in the early 1980’s. He was a friend of my father’s and one of the most important influences on my thinking and how I have set the sails for my life’s course. Since listening to his passions and ideas as a child, teenager and young adult, and seeing how all of his forward thinking has come true and proved itself to me my whole life, I have been moved and also saddened by the human condition that takes so long to catch on. He said, I remember it clearly, that it would take 50 years before people would start waking up to what he was saying – much of it about conservation, saving our resources, designing so that we can do more with less, eliminating poverty. But he also knew the way we were going we didn’t have 50 years to wait. I know personally that he died worrying about that.

I had a dream a couple of years ago about climbing inside a car, and inside it was a huge environment. The dream was a big dream for to me, there was a lot more to it. Tonight I saw the video link that my friend sent and a couple of others about the Dymaxion car that Bucky designed, and I realized – “That is the car I rode inside in my dream!” The Dymaxion car Bucky designed would accomodate several times the number of passengers of a normal car, could move around in space efficiently, and took less than half the amount of fuel that a normal car at the time.

Catching on is hard to do, but I hope we can do it. Try this link. And by the way, when the video shows who is in the back seat – that is Amelia Earhart, a close friend and great fan of Bucky’s.

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