Universe as a System

I ran into these words by Buckminster Fuller a few days ago, and wish I could ask him to explicate them more on the subject of death.

“You cannot get out of Universe. Universe is a system… Universe is a a scenario. You are always in Universe. You can only get out of systems.”  (Synergetics, p. 85)

If you can’t get out of universe, then where to we go when we die? People think they have answers for this, but do they?

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2 Responses to “Universe as a System”

  1. Joy Parker Says:

    Dearest Tayria: No, we don’t have definitive, guaranteed answers as to where we go when we die and what the afterlife is like. Some people who have had near-death experiences come back with reports. Some religions say it is one way, some another, and there are points of agreement between all religions. Most, even early Christianity, believe in a time of rest followed by rebirth.

    As part of my shamanic initiation in the later stages of my training, I and my “nestmates” did a shamanic journey to the moment after our death and beyond. Because it could potentially be a somewhat perilous journey, we were carefully prepared and carefully monitored during the journey. The person who moderated was highly qualified to do so. I would be happy to share the experience with you if you wish, but suffice it to say that I have never felt the same way about death since. It took away my fear.

    I think the real question is: Is the soul immortal? Considering what we are and what we sense and connect with spiritually while we are alive, is it logical to assume it is not?

    I am answering this question, not because I think I have “the” answer. All I can do, all we can ever do, is to share the stories of our experiences. As Leslie Marmon Silko says in her poem “Ceremony”:

    I will tell you something about stories,

    [he said]

    They aren’t just entertainment,

    Don’t be fooled,

    They are all we have, you see,

    all we have to fight off

    illness and death,

    You don’t have anything

    without the stories….

    And in the belly of the story

    the rituals and the ceremony

    are still growing.

    May I also humbly suggest that you “ask” whatever you believe in to “explain” this concept to you, to give you information about it? One of the things that is missing in our culture is a true belief that some kind of answer or story or perspective can be given to us by our ancestors or the Spirits. Just ask. Ask for a dream, ask for a voice to speak out of the silence of meditation. Ask for an answer to be given in time.

    The first step toward getting an answer is to ask a good question.

    Perhaps there is no ultimate answer that is the same for everyone. All I can say is that we are loved and held by forces and beings that we can hardly imagine. Have you ever felt that love, had a moment when it was real to you, when it came to you like grace? I know you have. Remember that.

  2. Tayria Ward Says:

    Dearest Joy, I would truly love to hear your experience. I love first hand stories. I wrote this blog mostly just to shake the can, shake up our sense of answers to ask the question again. Sort of like looking at life like the pages of “Where’s Waldo?” “Where is John? Where is he really?”

    I have studied and loved the descriptions of many religions, mystery traditions and shamanic schools regarding the afterlife, have heard and read many real people’s accounts, and have my own sense of life after death. I fully believe in the continuance of the soul beyond physical life, and look forward to it more than fearing it. My writing here was to say that I’m viscerally sitting with the question in the home of a just departed friend. I like the question.

    But I LOVE stories too, and you say it so well, that is truly all we have. Thank you, and hope to talk before long.

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