Following the Heart

I’m thinking of the French word for heart – couer. And the word courage, which comes from this root. And the lion as a symbol of courage. It takes courage, like the lion, to follow the heart. One of the most powerful and memorable dreams I have ever had was of a tiger who was giving birth to her baby tiger through the chest. She laid at my feet so I could help her deliver, and I heard the words, “the birth canal of the heart.’

The heart is fierce and loyal to her values and truths. There are so many considerations in life that distract from heart. I am surrounded by them even as I sit at home tonight. To live from the heart first and foremost requires vast instinctual courage. I am following my heart to Seattle tomorrow to be with my heart friend, to tend together to her shattered heart over the loss of her beloved husband, to listen to his “fathomless heart” as my friend described it, and to find strength of heart to carry on.

We all need it, all of us in the world need it.It takes great heart and courage to move like the lion.

One Response to “Following the Heart”

  1. joyparker Says:

    It does take great courage and compassion to live and think and be and love from the heart. I am reminded of that beautiful scene in Eat, Pray, Love where the Indonesian healer shows Liz a picture of a little person with four legs, no head, and a face where the heart should be and tells her that her life will get better when she stops thinking in her head and begins thinking from her heart. My loving thoughts to you as you go to your friends side to grief with her and remember her husband–your dear friend’s–life. May you both find peace and the strength you need.

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