Change Your Vibration

I remember some years ago working with one of my mentors and telling her something about something I was experiencing that wasn’t good. She said, “You have to change your vibration.” I asked “How do you do that?” I don’t remember what she said, but I remember feeling clueless at the time. Do I squint my eyes tight and concentrate and make myself vibrate differently? How is this done?

Recently for some reason I have thought of those words and suddenly it just seemed easy, like “of course! Change your vibration!” I’m not sure why it felt so inconceivable before or why it feels somewhat obvious now. Driving down the mountain I became aware that I was vibrating to “worry” in every cell. I thought, “Change the vibration.” So I did. I decided to vibrate to something else. It was actually really simple. I found myself vibrating to feeling lonely. I thought, “change the vibration.” So I did. I vibrated to something else. Amazing. Why did I never realize how simple this is? What would life have been like if I had? What will life be like now that I’m working with it?

Actually it isn’t completely easy, it takes attention and effort, but beyond that it is easy. The old vibrations are just habits, I realize, bad habits I have developed. Changing a habit isn’t easy, it does take effort, but it is doable. I must have believed that my vibration is just who I am, but that’s not the case. It is changeable. I’m kind of excited about this. It may be obvious to anyone else reading this, but it hasn’t been to me.

One Response to “Change Your Vibration”

  1. Anne Berg Says:

    Hello Tayria

    I am glad to have found your blog. Your writing is honest and insightful.

    John was a truly generous and beautiful man. Thank you for creating a place where we can connect with his life, and the life of others he’s loved and worked with. I can not express the level of importance he’s had in my world–and will continue to have.

    With John’s guidance, I recently began a new journey. I wish to continue the work we have done in the areas of dreams and dream imagery, and would love to talk to you about possible avenues for this. I look forward to your response. Thank you for your thoughts.



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