God’s Thoughts

Speaking with my dear Mother today, she was asking about Coco and how I was doing in the aftermath of his passing. I told her how much he had been my rock and source of love and strength for so long and how hard it is to feel that absence. She said, “Maybe God thinks you didn’t need him any more.”

Sheesh, I never thought of anything close to that. I said, “Mama, maybe you’re right! Maybe God thinks I don’t need him anymore!” It felt like a revelation. She backed up and said, “Well I don’t know if that’s what God is thinking.”

But secretly, I think she does know. While she was in the hospital last year her lovely grey hair began to stand out in all directions as a result of spending so much time on a pillow. My sister said she looked like Einstein, which was kind of true. I told Mom that Einstein said his major goal was to know “God’s thoughts” and that she and Einstein had that in common and were now tuning in together. The hair works in antenna-like fashion possibly. As of today, I truly believe my Mom knows God’s thoughts. I am encouraged that she, and He, can imagine that I don’t need Coco anymore.

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