After dropping into a Dante-ian hell (I do know that isn’t a real word) for the last few days the cure seems to be a sensation of gratitude. It started as I worked with a worry about whether all of my blog posts, which are only recorded in the strange and mysterious world of cyberspace, would be preserved if something globally terrible happened. If the shit really comes down and the lights all go out, will I have my writing if I want it? Considering this, I began to feel a truly comforting sensation that all of those cyber geeks out there will definitely take care of us; that no matter what happens, how horrible it might get, their intrepid spirits, intelligence and imagination will find the way to keep us all connected in such ways. I felt cared for in my deepest part. Weirdly so, I suppose, but it felt personal. Like they are doing all of this just for me, just for the idea of me, which I still feel personally. I experience something similar at times when I use a product like WD-40 to take the squeak out of an annoying door hinge. They invented this just for me! Or when road signs are clear and easy to follow so I’m confident and not scared about getting lost. Or when the tech people for my TV remote answer the phone immediately when I’m frustrated (which they do on Dish Network), and when the book that an author recommended which I have an urgency to begin reading today is right there at my local library just waiting for me to find it. (This happened today.) The world feels utterly generous, gracious, loving, prescient, caring and personal. It’s hard to stay sad. Thank goodness. The goodness of the world and of us together.

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One Response to “Gratitude”

  1. joyparker Says:

    As I’m reading this, I’m thinking, “Boy, can this woman write!” Tayria, you just have natural writerly instincts. You have the gift. This is good stuff. I hope you do write your book someday. The world needs it, it needs you.

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