Sometimes I think that we work hard as a species consistently to stay just outside of the range of an existential sadness that dogs us. The mind, the heart, the body are adept at methods to keep us just a few steps away from its looming jaws. I lost concentration last night and got swallowed. It’s paralyzing, I’m paralyzed. Like a snake’s venom that enters the bloodstream and paralyzes, there is nothing ok about it.

2 Responses to “Sadness”

  1. joyparker Says:

    It helps me to share my sadness with loving friends and families, especially that one good friend who has the “good stories” to tell that lift the spirits. After talking to these dear ones, just open your heart and feel their love come in. Know how much you are loved and what a powerful difference your life, your sacrifices, and your laughter have made in the lives of so many others, including mine.

    Sometimes it’s good to be alone when we are sad. Other times we have to get up off the trail where that rattlesnake knocked us down and ask for a loving hand.

  2. Tayria Ward Says:

    Thank you so much, Joy. I know you know, and that helps. I’m working on it.

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