Robin Hood

Chelsea Clinton’s wedding is going to cost $5 million. There must be a point to such lavishness in the world, but I struggle to understand it at this moment and it makes me sad. I wonder what that amount of money would do to improve the lives of the 1.2 million people living in unspeakable conditions in the slum of Kibera – maybe get some plumbing in there so they don’t have to walk through their own sewage every day? Probably it is more about politics than funding. I don’t understand the world. I want to, but I don’t.

I like the stories of Robin Hood as an awakener of ideals of social justice. Maybe this character is reviving in the collective psyche when such inequities come out as the story on the news today about the mayor of Bell, California, who has been paying himself twice what the President of the United States makes while raising taxes and seeing jobs lost. Finally, he’s busted.  Robin Hood is a mythic figure that I’d like to see more such activity from. Long live Robin Hood.

5 Responses to “Robin Hood”

  1. Darita-Rose Alden Says:

    Yes! I’ve been thinking the same thing. I guess the Clintons are still in the political game. It’s a test for us. I am committed to radical forgiveness, and there are plenty of tests. It’s a Kali Yuga, is one thing–ARC said, It’s 75% dark. People can’t see what right or virtuous. It’s also a pain system, and this is a materialistic age. The Serenity Prayer helps me. love, DR

  2. Alisha Says:

    All the celebrities weddings cost so many millions of dollars. One royal couple in India had a $20 million dollar wedding.
    Its irks me tremendously to see and hear about all these expensive weddings, vacations, etc. when most people here can’t even afford to BURY their deceased loved ones.
    But I disagree about Africa. I havent been there myself, of course, but I know things are very very terrible down there. All I hear on TV and news is: Africa, Africa, Africa. However, there are STILL places here in our own country that that kind of money could be used for in improving. New Orleans is still struggling. There are still homeless people in New York and living in cardboard boxes, and even in Asheville.
    I always say “take care of your own country first, then move on to others” Or when someone adopts a child from China or Africa, I think “Why not adopt an American child whose parents cannot feed them because their job was sent overseas?”
    I just wish these wealthy Americans would take care of their FELLOW Americans before they send their money to other countries. America is not a third world country, but we still need help too.
    I’m sure there is going to be a good response to what I just said, but that is just my opinion. =)

  3. Tayria Ward Says:

    Alisha, I totally hear you on this subject. Very well spoken. I mentioned Africa because I had just been there. The thing about countries like that is that in huge areas they don’t even have social services that come in if children are being raped and starved and abused. Nobody cares. I’m personally talking to starving, abused children and there is NO ONE to help them. It’s different from here. Try to trust me on that one. I just think people should help whoever they feel moved to help – here, there and everywhere. Love you!

  4. Nancy Whitlow Says:

    There is also the point of trying to help unite the world which is necessary for world peace and thus the good of all. We can’t do that if we close in only on ourselves. The world is becoming so much smaller that it hardly seems like there is an ‘us’ or ‘them’.

    What would be stunning is if the money we are spending to alienate others by war could have been used to help build their countries and thereby gain their friendship rather than increase their enmity dramatically. Especially that would have been wonderful right after 9/11 when almost the whole world was on our side. How many lives would have been saved and how much hate would have been friendship instead.

  5. Tayria Ward Says:

    I love your thought about how else we might have used the money for war, and I wish we could see what might happen if we do that. Why does it seem so simple, and why isn’t it that simple? If only the heart were in charge rather than the head.

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