Nature and Human Nature

After weeks and weeks of being with people, I who lives and is alone a radically large percentage of the time, am again alone with my own psyche in the wild forest. When a cheetah is engaged with another animal, focus and intensity are directed externally; it’s clear, strong, clean, clear. When cheetah is alone again the sitting and being and waiting and listening and chewing on grass resume. It’s a teeming terrain of life, big energies and forces everywhere to be listened into. Cheetah nature. Human nature. Nature. Me.

One Response to “Nature and Human Nature”

  1. Karen Nilsen Says:

    I love the example of the cheetah–they’re the manifestation of fluid animal grace. Replenish in your solitude–I find I love my solitude more and more as time goes by. Solitude is not always valued in our boisterous extraverted culture, but it’s so necessary.

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